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Accountability To Staff And Peers For Whereabouts

By signing outboards in the house, meeting sheets, and mobile phone contact, tenants are responsible for their location at all times.

Residents must comply with curfew hours, which are decided by the employees.

Utilization Of Referred Outpatient Therapy Services.

Some of our tenants are at the start of their stay with us in an Intensive Rehabilitation Program.

We expect residents to follow their referred treatment center's aftercare plan.

Abstinence From Drug And Alcohol Use.

In order to ensure the safety of the group, workers perform drug tests randomly and routinely (up to 3 times a week). If a resident relapses during his/her tenure at Apex Homes, he/she is removed from the program and given an acceptable referral to a higher level of treatment.

The resident can reapply after 2 weeks for readmission consideration. Just once are citizens granted this opportunity.